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Welcome to M S FACADES

An ISO 9001 And CRISIL Rated Company

                                              M.S. Facades Private Ltd. (MSFPL) is promoted by Mr. Bharat Vishwakarma and Ajay Sawant in January 2010. 

The company is engaged in specialised Building Facade Engineering activity with expertise in areas like all kinds of Structural glazing, aluminium composite panels and all kinds of metal cladding, Dry stone cladding, Glass reinforced concrete works (GRC), and Fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) and windows etc.

Mr. Bharat Vishwakarma and Mr. Ajay Sawant are qualified Civil engineers with a vision of having their own business in specialised engineering activity.

They have had opportunity to be associated with renowned architects and consultants both domestic and international. A list of the projects completed, architects and consultants associated with, during their career are enclosed in the proposal. Their tireless efforts backed by world class experience and knowledge in the field of specialised Facade engineering industry gave them goodwill and respect in the industry.

Quality Control

Market Analysis



The company's quality control policies encompass all its processes right from scratch till delivery of the project. All documents and proposal are prepared having the type of working crew and the resources that are available in the industry. Keeping limitations in mind the methodology is derived so that the best quality factory finishes are achieved.

The booming corporate and commercial markets have resulted in many Corporate going in for new world-class offices with a new work environment. This leap has great possibilities of design, engineering and implementations of the ideas that are introduced by the young architects. The facade industry has immense possibilities to grow and prosper.

All modern buildings in India whether a commercial complex, a mall, headquarters of big corporate, banks, sports complexes are going for the varied kind of facades. The future is packed with the live walls using atomization of the facades .The dynamic facades will fetch and will attract lot of investments in future. The LED live walls, Horticulture walls, stimulating walls are the future designs that are in the pipeline.

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