M.S. Fascades Private Ltd. (MSFPL) is a SSI unit, promoted by Mr. Bharat Vishwakarma and Ajay Sawant in January 2010.
The company is engaged in specialised Building Facade Engineering activity with expertise in areas like Structural glazing, aluminium composite panels, dry stone cladding, glass reinforced concrete (GRC), fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) and windows etc. A detailed description of activity is enclosed with the proposal. Mr. Bharat Vishwakarma and Shri Ajay Sawant are qualified Civil engineers with a vision of having their own business in specialised engineering activity.
They have had opportunity to lead many prestigous and be associated with well known architects and consultants both domestiv and international. A list of the projects completed, architects and consultants associated with, during their tenure in MSE are enclosed in the proposal. Their tireless efforts backed by world class experience and knowledge in the field of specialised Facade engineering industry gave them goodwill and respect in the industry.
The company's quality control policies encompass all its processes right from procurement till final dispatch. All material procured shall be appropriately checked / test checked at the time of entry.
The booming corporate and commercial markets have resulted in many Corporates going in for new world-class offices with a new work environment.
Construction industry is booming in the country. All modern buildings in India whether a commercial complex, a mall, headquarters of big corporates, banks, sports complexes are going for the same kind of exterior - glass facade.
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